Scott Conary
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Meat, weeds, eggs, bottles, and bones. What began as a way to get back to the basics of painting, without an agenda, became something else. The meat paintings are, understandably, the pieces that elicit the most questions. The first is usually, "Why meat?" The glib answer is "you can only paint so many pears." The longer answer is that the meat is beautiful and somewhat evocative. We have a much more complicated reaction to a hunk of lamb than we do to pepper. The meat is the stuff of us. We are, after all, meat. The smell shifts while I work. The color changes. I have vivid memories of meals with family and friends built around meat. It's beautiful, desirable, and it's unclean.

A Daily Meal interview about these paintings:
Beef, It's What's for Still Life. Butcher to brush, an interview with painter Scott Conary.

The weeds... humble and earnest, a volunteer we don't want. Perhaps more than any of the other works, these little paintings capture a bit of our family's story of the recent years.

As with all of the work on this site, this portfolio is not intended to be a complete catalog.

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