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Online Class & Workshop FAQ
Below are some of the answers to the usual questions. If you have any additional questions, please send us an email.

How does this online course work?

After enrolling you will receive information on suggested class materials and a week prior to the course, you will receive an email with links to the class and prior facebook group.

Each week there will be a new presentation including question and answer session, new assignments, and discussion in the private Facebook group.

Do I have to complete the class within the dates of class?

I will be teaching the class during the dates listed for each class, but all videos will be available for at least ONE YEAR from the beginning of the course so that you can watch and review content at your own pace.

How do I ask you questions?

Questions and photos of your work can be posted to the Facebook group page. Some questions will be answered during the live class sessions on Zoom. As always, you can also email me. Please note that due to the volume of questions, they will be screened.

Do I have to use Facebook?

Not everyone wants to use Facebook and you are not required to participate in the private Facebook group. It can be, however, a wonderful way to interact with instructors and fellow students. You can also join the group and ‘lurk’ (read but not post).

How much painting or drawing experience do I need?

Due to the nature of an online course, some experience with both is recommended but, unless otherwise noted, beginners are welcome.

What are the computer requirements?

If you can access and use Facebook, you already likely have the equipment you need. You will need high speed internet access to watch the videos. Any device that can access the internet is suitable whether it be a computer, tablet or phone (though a larger screen is recommended). To participate in the live classes, you will need to either install the Zoom app or use the Zoom website. To upload photos to facebook, some kind of camera (such as your phone’s) is necessary.

How does the group critique work? Is it different from critiques in the regular class?

Critiques in the online classes are, generally, intended to support a lesson and so not all work will be discussed. In the group critiques, the number of participants is limited so that all work can be discussed. Work does not need to be from the classes. In the near future, individual critiques will be available.

Is there a material list?

Materials can vary from course to course, but a general material’s list can be found here

Do we have to use PayPal to pay for a class

Other forms of payment (Check, Cash, etc) are acceptable. Please contact us. To ensure processing a payment doesn't get in the way of enrolling, please do so as soon as possible.