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The Hermit & Introvert's Painting Class/Art Show. Ongoing by subscription with open enrollment. $40 per month.

The online class offers something different from the in-person class and workshop. While I won't be able to reach over your shoulder and touch your painting, you can participate as your schedule allows, access content that might otherwise be inaccessible due to cost, time, and distance, and be part of a community of other artists.

Classes are a combination of live broadcasts through Zoom, suggested assignments, online demonstration and discussion, critiques, and limited private correspondance. The live broadcasts are the magic and meat of these classes. They include slide presentations, demonstrations, and question and answer sessions. Each broadcast is recorded so that students can review the material at their leisure (or if they couldn't attend the live broadcast). Online discussion is optional and will take place in private facebook groups.

If you'd like to participate in a group critique, that is available in addition to the class. Enrollment in the group critique is limited.

Questions? See the Online Class FAQ.

The Hermit & Introvert’s Painting Class/Art Show

Thursdays, 11 am PST.
Started April 2, 2020
New Sessions start July 16, 2020

$40/month subscription. Ongoing.

Art, that strange and beautiful thing we humans do, isn't going to stop. In this more affordable and flexible class, we’ll talk art, talk painting, make messes, learn, have fun, and, yes, distract ourselves. We’ll start with content big and small, and work our way through the magic, the puzzle, that is painting; from the joys of color to the challenges of content to examinations of the great and lesser known paintings of yesterday and today. We'll shine some color into the gloom.

Each episode will be a live event with discussion and will be recorded to be viewed at your leisure.

In addition, as with all of the online classes, there is a private facebook group to share work, ideas, questions, and inspirations. Painting experience is not required.

Enrollment is always open. Drop in or out as you need.

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If you’d like to purchase the videos from the previous classes, please select from the following. Within 48 hours of purchase, you will receive the login information needed to access the videos.

Perception and inspiration 1
Perception and inspiration, how we see and why we make something, are perhaps the most fundamental elements of painting. In the first class in this series, we focused on mark making, soft and hard transitions, embracing process, and inspiration.

The six videos from Perception & Inspiration 1.

Perception and inspiration 2

In this second class, we continued our examination and play with the aspects of painting covered in the first class, and dove deeper into value and color, and explored composition.

The six videos from Perception & Inspiration 2:

Perception and inspiration 3

In this third class, we considered the ‘personality’ of a painting, using prompts to inspire our own efforts. We continued our conversations about color and value, and focused on using various tools to create form.

Video Bundle. All three classes.