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Mar 05, 2009 2 Comments
Included in a show opening tonight, along with a half dozen or so other pieces, is this, the final version of a painting I've posted several times recently:

Pennsylvania, 48" x 36", Oil on Canvas

I may like it a little too much - It's looseness coupled with a strong geometry, the fairly subtle shifts in color between planes of the buildings against the strong contrast of the buildings against the darker background, and so on. I love it. I can't stop staring at it. Is that a bad thing to admit?

I'm curious as to how the pieces will fit with the others in the three man (two men, one woman) show opening tonight, Friday, March 6th, at Bend Independent Contemporary Art. I'm also curious as to how my own pieces will fit with each other. I don't have quite as many as I expected (tragic framing accident of '09), but they should hold the walls just fine. I'll have two of the recent and, I believe, strong figurative works, a few landscapes, and some of the still lives including:

Bread, 8" x 8", Oil on Panel

Wish me luck. A little bit of me hopes we don't sell Pennsylvania.


JW    Mar 06, 2009  at  6:48 am

It looked a bit Pittsburgh-esque with the river.
Much better now.

Annelise Norton    Mar 08, 2009  at  10:02 am

Where’s the meat?  Just kidding.  I hope all is well on the left coast.  I am ready for the “‘09 thaw.”  I am in need of some warmth.  All the best to you and Erin.






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