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Aug 25, 2008 8 Comments
A friend said the key to writing is "substance". It's a running joke. When either of us gets down to the making of something because of a real event or real thing (something of "substance"), the work is that much better.

Mt. Lamb, 7" x 8″, oil on panel

It's been another summer. I made some paintings. I banged through the dirt on my motorcycle on a trip to Wyoming. I enjoyed the company of my dear wife, off from her teaching duties. I dug large holes - real holes in real earth - with my parents. I had work hanging in a fine gallery in Maine. I started relationships with new galleries. And I started it all with the loss of my beloved grandmother (Goodbye Angela).

Somewhere in northwestern Wyoming

It isn't a cliche to say that losses spur reflection and reconsideration. Aside from the larger questions of life, I took a step back and reconsidered the figurative work I'd been staring down off and on for months. I realized that I'd been opening the refrigerator door again and again absurdly expecting that one time a roast beef sandwich would magically appear. We forget the work that goes into putting that sandwich in there in the first place. So I set aside the people and went back into the landscape. This was the landscape that upon the motorcycle I'd spent so many miles in. The barns and houses hugged in broad expanses of wheat under an infinite sky. Recreated from sketches and photos, they aren't as easy as I might hope, but the reward is there in the geometry and refreshing colors. This is a taste.

Taste. I was hungry for the chewy certainty of the still lives.

Thick Lamb Chop, 8" x 8″, oil on panel

Every year, as my wife heads back to work and I approach another birthday, I say that this is the year I take over the planet. This time I mean it. But I'll settle for the western hemisphere. There are shows coming up, studio tours and a more ... soon.


Carolyn Taylor    Aug 25, 2008  at  7:31 pm

This is a very cool chop, indeed, but I own your best one—my Scott Conary Pork Chop.  Everyone who comes to our house faints dead away when they see it!

XO, Carolyn

wachs    Aug 25, 2008  at  8:17 pm

HA! went for a ride then.

derek    Aug 25, 2008  at  10:15 pm

these are my 3 favorite things i’ve ever seen of yours. and i’ve seen many. color is contributing more than ever, and that specificity of light… wow.

Sadie Valeri    Aug 26, 2008  at  12:16 am

Hey, I was just going to write you and find out what you’ve been up to since June! Love the new work - especially the subtle swipe of violet-gray-blue on the bone of Mt Lamb smile

Jenn Dryden    Aug 26, 2008  at  3:30 pm

I guess i was kinda expecting something like this:



scott    Aug 26, 2008  at  5:21 pm

Wow. The feedback I’ve received for these paintings has been incrediby positive. Thank you. If I can manage to wade through other obligations, more work will be coming very soon. This is clearly what I should be doing.

And, Derek, coming from someone who has known me and my work for so long, since our days huddled over scribbly charcoal smears in Victor’s class, your words mean a great deal. Thank you.

silvina day    Aug 27, 2008  at  7:06 pm

These are the most gorgeous slabs of meat I’ve ever seen! Amazing work here.
Visited your website and I love what you did with birds.

Amy    Aug 31, 2008  at  4:21 pm

You know I am and always will be one of your biggest fans!  Love the new pieces.  So sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing.






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