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Nov 27, 2006 4 Comments

I've never been very good at plunging off cliffs - pointing my nose in a direction and just going for it. I've hopped off many a low mound, even over some fences, but cliffs? surely you jest. After all, flying requires faith in the failure of gravity. And these are grave circumstances, these melancholy days of wine and pigment. Gravity doesn't just pull you down, it presses. You're under its thumb. A heavy digit weighted with expectation, and your glory days as an oblivious, but driven, hot shot in college - nearly 20 years ago. What have you done since? Who cares. I've got the balls by the bulls. Well, at least I've tickled a sac or two.


Carolyn Taylor    Apr 25, 2007  at  4:47 pm

Sorry to be writing you two fan letters in a row; please don’t imagine you’ve attracted a stalker. 

I just read what you wrote above (it’s stunning), and realized your prose is almost equally good as your paintings—it’s beyond prose really, it’s free verse.  Have you considered a book about life as a painter?  It doesn’t have to be full of big adventures: small paintings, small adventures, with the immediacy you manage to impart to both.  There’s a book illustrated by painter Ray Ellis who sailed with Walter Cronkite—but you could do both the writing and painting. You probably ARE as good as you imagined in college.

Rendezvous    Nov 13, 2010  at  12:49 am

This painting of the bull is terrific. Everything comes together in it, and the form of the bull is captured perfectly. You can feel its mass and power.

I like a lot of your still life paintings, too.

The gabled house with the dark clouds behind…that’s a fine piece. Evocative. You do have a gift for capturing the essence of something in its form.

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