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Nov 26, 2006 1 Comment
Ever higher to the white welcome in the sky on the blue wings of the dark side of sweetness.

"Look it's my friend", I said as I pointed towards the scrub jay. The bird knew to visit when a shovel was in hand. Who knows what treats might be found. As I churned through the backyard, if I found something I didn't like, a grub or a moth's chrysalis, I'd toss it to the ground nearby to make a quick snack for the bird. I'd sat on my haunches, hands in the earth, a striking bird of white and blue and gray watching me from just a foot or three away.

Erin smiled. The sun was warm. A wisp of steam rose from the roof of the house.

"Do you want to see my other friend?" I asked in the voice of a young boy. In the cold of the morning, I'd caught a few flies before their juices had warmed. What do you do with an unwanted insect? feed it to the orange white and brown patterned crab spiders of course. Their perfect webs fill the gaps through summer. I had rescued one from the rubble heap destined for the dumpster. The next morning, this morning, it had spun a fresh web where I'd deposited it. I supposed that made it mine. So I gave it flies. With deft certainty it would swaddle them in death.

We strode towards the garage where my small brown friend waited. The feathered blue friend hopped ahead of us. I knew it before it happened. The bird stood erect, cocked its head to give a view of a web catching the late afternoon light. And then with another hop and a single beat of its wings, it was face to face, or large hard beak to soft small body, with the spider. Good bye little man.

"My friend ate my friend!"

So goes the world.


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