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Feb 20, 2007 1 Comment
The basic questions of why a piece comes together so quickly may never be answered. There are, however, answers to the question of how to bring life back to something beaten into submission. The painting should be the boxer that won the match, not the pummeled man, listless, with his head hanging low. Keep the hand moving, and moving with certainty. Be willing to rework an almost success if you have a chance of doing better. It seems such an obvious point: don't settle for mediocrity (recognizing that one person's mediocrity would be a breakthrough for another).

Bell Pepper 5" x 6", available

After coaching the above for round after round to keep his left up and jab jab jab, I met a boxer who stepped in and got the work done quickly and with a lightness in his step. For my tolerant wife, the bane of her existence...

Tea Bags 4" x 6", available


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Michael Dryden    Feb 20, 2007  at  6:28 pm

Wonderful luscious shade of green!






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