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Nov 02, 2007 8 Comments
One man owned a roofing company and liked art. Another man made art and needed a roof. And so this past saturday, a gentle voiced and shy Juan and Arturo arrived at dawn, having driven nearly three hours south from Seattle. After brief introductions they went to work and didn't stop but for one coffee break and lunch. Arturo likes a little sugar but Juan takes his black.It was just a few weeks ago that we started throwing plywood on the roof. Rafters not installed quite as square as they should meant that most every sheet of plywood needed to be trimmed.

The hero of these past weeks has been my friend Martin. Generously, almost in defiance of our shared cynicism, he's climbed up and down ladders again and again. Even my attempt to drive a screw into his finger didn't disuade him. He's been squashed by a rolling helicopter and spit off by bucking motorcycles, but ask about pain and he'll hold up that finger.

No matter what the planet threw at us, we were out there. Less insightful carpenters would have just gotten it done, but with each piece of wood we'd share a story about life or a badly pounded nail. It was, to quote a friend, "The pillow talk of blunt trauma" as we persuaded each nail to do as we asked and sometimes begged. As we pondered how much gap to put between sheets of plywood, we found the meaning of this muddy life. I couldn't tell you what it was. We left it on the roof buried under curses, bruised knuckles and now shingles. How well do you think a monkey named Shakespeare would swing a hammer?

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't disappear into the sky.

Skilled amateurs we were. Amateurs they weren't. We'd fussed over those valleys. One board got the better of me and took five tries to get cut right and in place. Don't work when hungry. Don't work when you can't even convince with hammer and saw a piece of wood that you're in charge. What took us weeks, Juan and Arturo covered in a day with gloriously heavy gray wrapping paper. This will be the best christmas present I've ever gotten.

It looks fantastic.

Gone from the main space are the temporary supports. Spanning just above the wall are the rafter ties that will help keep the back wall from wandering. They'll be boxed in before the sheetrock goes up. I won't tell you how many times Martin and I moved them up and down and around before settling on their current position.The skylights were another subject of debate. I was right. They look great.

With the reworking and mistakes, there have been a few casualties.

Today, I begin the process of installing the windows.


wachs    Nov 02, 2007  at  2:37 pm

sweet! it looks great man.

Trouble    Nov 02, 2007  at  3:41 pm

Looks nice. When is the studio warming party?

scott    Nov 02, 2007  at  3:43 pm

Excellent question. If I had nothing else to do, I could be finished by some time around Thanksgiving. As it stands, this will be a Christmas present to myself. Party in January? Maybe?

Pete Bansen    Nov 02, 2007  at  7:22 pm

Looks great!  The fancy rafter tails are a very good touch.

Are you going to match the paint job on your house (which is very cool, by the way!) on the studio?

Amy    Nov 02, 2007  at  9:39 pm

Wow Scott - that looks great!  I am so excited for you!!  Now I just need to figure out a way to come see it!

Bob_M    Nov 02, 2007  at  10:00 pm

Yup, it looks great!  Saw you on the bike portland blog.  Small world

Sadie    Nov 03, 2007  at  12:41 pm

I agree, the skylights are perfect!

Congrats - can’t wait to see it smile

scott    Nov 06, 2007  at  1:02 am

Thank you!

The house colors are those that we inherited from the previous owners. They look better in that photo than they do in real life. As to the colors for the studio, we’re still debating between a rich gray or a colonial red of some sorts. This will play off the final colors of the house, probably a rich butter yellow.

p.s. Bob, Thank you for the Irises.






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