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Feb 01, 2008 2 Comments
I wanted this delayed entry to be about the finished studio, but it isn't. When real life refuses to take a nap, the studio must. But another milestone has been crossed and the finish line is in sight.

A friend relayed some advice given years ago by a now deceased professor. He had urged a younger protege that had just bought a house to take a year off from art and get the home squared away - remodel, rebuild, whatever. Otherwise, he advised, it would nag and press and bother him when he should be focused elsewhere. What he didn't explain was that you may well not have a choice.

This studio has become my little tower of Babel - minus the heavenly wrath. The brushes sit still in congealing and evaporating mineral spirits. The paintings grow dust like old toast.

But there is light.

Some weeks back, after the roof, with rain in the forecast, I couldn't wait any longer. With a huge push into the deep dark over several days, I installed the windows with the help of a friend or two. I opted for some wood windows that closely match the build of the old windows of our home. Having saved much on labor, how could I not splurge on nice windows?

Building a sill pan, the bane of my existence.

A neighbor, also a carpenter, lends a hand...

one minute it looks small

the next huge

I've been told that's a male thing.


Trouble    Feb 01, 2008  at  8:49 pm

So does this mean I have a place to stay?

Alexander Leonard    Jul 03, 2018  at  5:18 am

Great job. Looks like your place is turning out quite well. I have been following your story on resume com coupon code amd thought to drop down some wishes on your blogs.






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