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Jan 31, 2011 20 Comments
I'm quite excited about what's been happening in these paintings and am pleased to say that some can be seen in two new shows on opposite sides of the country.

Moth 2 (Mothra), 20" x 16", Oil on Canvas

Scott Conary: Fresh Cuts, through March 24, 2010
Susan Maasch Fine Arts
567 Congress Street, Portland, Maine

Scott Conary: Meat, February 3 – February 26, 2010
Nisus Gallery
328 NW Broadway #117, Portland, Oregon

Wall Chop, 22" x 28", Oil on Canvas

Hen, front, 24" x 30", Oil on Canvas

Hen, back, 24" x 30", Oil on Canvas

Tired Chop, 8" x 8", Oil on Panel

It's always interesting getting someone else's take on the work. From the Nisus Gallery:
Nisus Gallery is pleased to present Meat, new oil paintings by Scott Conary. In this solo show, Conary extends the tradition of still life painting beyond bowls of fruit and fading flowers to the fresh cut lambchop. Though small in scale (most are no larger than 9″ x 9″), the paintings lend an almost mythic aura to their subject, cuts of raw meat. As Conary states, “We are creatures of the landscape, of flesh, of our own personal and shared histories. But no matter that history, no matter how intricate the shapes and colors of the bone, muscle, fat and gristle, we are keenly aware that is part of a once living thing. It’s beautiful, desirable, and it’s unclean.” Through his loose, vigorous brushstrokes and stark compositions, Conary elicits that keen awareness with visceral, and somehow cheeky, precision. In the end, we are left with a sense of that conflict, of the tension between the weighty awareness of our own mortality and an odd playfulness; how silly to to see a lambchop there on the wall.

I wonder how the people of the two Portlands will see the meat. I'll get a sense of it from at least one side of the country as I'll be at the First Thursday opening for the show here in Oregon. Whichever Portland you might be close to, I hope you make it out to see some of the work.

Some of you may have noticed, but I've also created a facebook page where I'm a little less... discerning in what I post. If you're a facebook user, please take a look.

p.s. I considered various titles including "Meat", but I was afraid they'd be caught by your spam filters.


Martin    Jan 31, 2011  at  11:38 pm

I can tell you right now what I think if you don’t want to wait til Thursday? Looking forward to it!

Jim    May 07, 2011  at  4:29 pm

Beautiful, just beautiful work.

Tandblekning    Sep 24, 2011  at  7:35 am

‘Meat’ I’m cool with it. I love the concept~ Need. Simplicity.Guilt and that is ‘meat’.

Personlig assistent    Oct 25, 2011  at  1:13 pm

Nice painting! Thought it was real meat on a plate first, before I sharped my eyes smile

anibalvasquez    Dec 03, 2011  at  5:46 am

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Assistansanordnare    Dec 05, 2013  at  2:16 am

I would like to buy the first one. I really like the motive its brutal and intresting.

Resor för handikappade    Oct 26, 2015  at  4:16 am

Hi, really cool artwork, I love shop and would like to buy it. Best John

anhörigvårdare    Oct 27, 2015  at  1:06 am

I mean, its brilliant and takes your attention directly, this i what I like with the paintings

Resor för rullstolsburna    Oct 28, 2015  at  12:11 am

I can tell they have som other nice piece of work as well…

Assistansföretag    Oct 28, 2015  at  12:14 am

Want to have

Hemtjänst Västerås    Oct 28, 2015  at  1:14 am

Nusus Gallery what a wonderful place.

Personlig assistans stockholm    Oct 28, 2015  at  1:20 am

You are right how will they think about this? Meat and the picking painting about it…

rehabresa    Oct 28, 2015  at  4:16 am

Awesome paintings med cool motive.

Handikapp hjälpmedel    Oct 28, 2015  at  6:43 am

How much are the paintings?

Personlig assistans    Oct 28, 2015  at  7:06 am

I would like to do a painting with a plastic meat

Rehabilitering utomlands    Nov 06, 2015  at  4:48 am

If it was my painting i would hang it in the best place in apartment.

Personlig assistans Linköping    Jan 11, 2016  at  12:54 am

Hahahahah, think what vegetarian think when seeing on of this paintings, not good i guess.

Personlig assistans Borås    Jan 11, 2016  at  2:46 am

I just loovvee the “hen” painting.

Golfresor    Jan 11, 2016  at  3:14 am

My favourite is “Tired chop”.

Hörapparat batteri    Jun 03, 2016  at  12:29 pm

This really look awesome i would like to buy them all






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