Sep 03, 2010 11 Comments
Forgotten, 30" x 30", Oil on Canvas

In recent weeks, I've used my magical powers to change a sky from blue to gray. I built a house and tore it down several times in mere hours. I hope I used my powers for good. Some has even survived to see the public light of day. A new show is opening tonight at BICA, the great gallery in Bend, Oregon that I've shown through for a couple years now. It's a two month show with new works rotating through again for October.

Making this challenging is that these were some of the first quality days I've spent in the studio in far too long. I wish I could say I'd filled the past months with time in the field or buried in a sketch book. Or even prone on the couch with a bag of potato chips. It's been a consuming and difficult year with Jane, our daughter, spending nearly three of her not yet eight months in the hospital. After repeated surgeries and procedures, she has layers of scars forming a seem from collar bone to navel. She is there today. I will tell that story soon enough. Oh, and our house was gutted down to studs with a remodel gone awry. Did I mention that it's been a difficult year?

You might think all of the emotion would fuel creativity. It will, it is, but not during the turmoil. Then it was the equivalent of vomiting burning refuse - hot, chaotic, a horrid mess.

But today I am painting. We are back in our home. And, despite what I hope is just a hiccup, Jane should be doing better for a while, leaving us to focus on living and not just surviving. In the studio I am finding my way again, expectations changed. The figure is rattling around in my head, an army of Athenas, pointy spears and all. Some interesting work is around the corner.

To life. To painting. To our daughter.

Thank you to everyone for your support during these trying times.


David Brick    Sep 03, 2010  at  1:11 pm

“Forgotten” is a wonderful work. Then I scrolled down and saw Jane, who’s even more magical. Sweet!

Mary Lou Zeek    Sep 03, 2010  at  1:22 pm

Her smile makes my day.  Thank you so much for sharing.
Hope to meet you soon!
Mary Lou Zeek

Bradford Benn    Sep 03, 2010  at  4:34 pm

Jane’s smile might be your best work so far. Her smile made jennifer and me smile and happy. Good luck with the show.

careen stoll    Sep 03, 2010  at  10:01 pm

looks like a girl well on her way to a lifetime of happiness-
you are a great father, Scott.

hopefully when you open the nesting russian dolls of your roof lines, that there is a little one inside too.  even if lost, never forgotten.

all the best-

Bob Marshall    Sep 04, 2010  at  5:44 am

Good to hear from you.  Little Jane has a sweet smile. 

Better times ahead

Carolyn Taylor    Sep 04, 2010  at  11:04 am

Your baby is beautiful—especially in the smiling photo!

Your medical bills are going to be bodacious. If you’re open to mentioning this to the larger arts community on facebook and twitter, you might want to set up a special account for Jane’s medical bills at a local bank where people can send donations big and small. Check to see if the bank can arrange for the kind of account where people can take a tax deduction for the donations they send, though it’s probably not a deal-breaker. We can send just a little, but if everyone did the same, you would be OK. C.

scott    Sep 07, 2010  at  8:32 am

We have some things in the works and much has already been done. We keep thinking that we’re through the worst and don’t need help, but then that may not be very realistic. I’ll share more about that shortly.


Tony    Sep 27, 2010  at  12:52 pm

I’m glad to hear your daughter is ok and you and your family and staying strong. I’m sure you have plenty of inspiration for painting. Good luck with everything. I enjoy your blog.

Låna Pengar    Oct 01, 2011  at  6:35 pm

Lovely artwork but Jane is even more adorable. Her hat sits perfectly, and her smile, it’s amazing.

Carolyn Taylor    Oct 13, 2011  at  10:11 am

Be well, and don’t be too proud.  You have been through SO much!  At some point, you might want to allow your fans to send whatever they can—no shame in that at all.  If you were Amish, you would have had your house completely rebuilt by sundown!  (We’re NOT Amish, and live on the opposite side of Pennsylvania from them, but a little bit of their spirit permeates all of us.) We hope and pray Jane does well and gets to do all the good things kids are supposed to do! XO, Carolyn Taylor

Javed    Sep 28, 2018  at  11:28 pm

Nice and lovely






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