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Sep 17, 2009 11 Comments
I've been a little remiss in posting to the blog for somewhat understandable and consuming reasons. My wife and I -insert sound of trumpets and angels singing- are having a baby, our first. This exciting arrival in our lives will, we hope, occur after we finish the complete gut and remodel of our house. A little too much to bite off all at once? You may be right.

While we're out of the house during the remodel (of which I and some generous people will be doing a significant portion), I'm going to resurrect the "painting a day". Spending time in the studio is going to keep me sane - I hope. I started a few days ago with a pair of very large pork chops.

Flying Carpet, 18" x 14", oil on panel

Sit and Beg, 7" x 8", oil on panel

Other paintings are still unfolding. This is a snippet of a 4' x 3' landscape, Virginia. I'm toying with and expanding the tension between the loose and undescribed, and the more specific. I'm just beginning to tear it apart again...

In the midst of all this, I am again participating in the Portland Open Studios (
http://www.portlandopenstudios.com). I'll have some more information posted shortly. The synopsis is that the event spans two weekends - October 10,11 and 17,18 - and that my studio will be open the first weekend from 10 am to 5 pm. If you'd like some more information or would like to come by at another time, please let me know.

Wish us luck!


Jesse    Sep 17, 2009  at  2:32 pm

Congratulations Scott! Well done! Really like the new work too, good luck finding that balance. My wife and I are currently “not going out of way to NOT get pregnant” (we’re trying), in the meantime I’ve been riding and working as much as I can. Headed to the Blue Ridge Mountains in a few weeks for an airheads sponsored event. Looking forward to that. Keep up the amazing work, wishing you well in the months to come!!

JW    Sep 17, 2009  at  7:13 pm

Virginia huh?
I like it.

Carolyn Taylor    Sep 18, 2009  at  9:52 am

Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family!  I’m not sure your wife is actually pregnant or if you’re just trying to get pregnant (the fun part.)  Well, I have three grown children and six grandchildren, so I can testify that it’s ALL the “fun” part from now on! I never said “easy”, but it’s fun.  Please post your answer, but congratulations, either way!  Even deciding to have a child is a creative choice by definition.  You’ll find all your awards and accomplishments up ‘til now pale in comparison to having your first child.

scott    Sep 19, 2009  at  10:46 pm

I wish you both luck in your -ahem- endeavors. I’ve been amazed at how excited I am about this change in our lives. Supposedly I should be freaking out about the responsibility and time commitment, but none of that seems to be a worry to my wife or I.

Enjoy that old airhead. I hope to join you in the not too distant future. I had a brief taste with 1/2 ownership of an R80/7 and I’d like one that lives in my garage.

My wife is indeed pregnant - almost 24 weeks! It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that we were hoping this would happen.

Opposable Chums    Sep 21, 2009  at  12:13 pm

To quote an ancient Irish saying: “Mazel Tov!”

That top pork chop has my name on it.

scott    Sep 22, 2009  at  10:40 pm

It’s all yours. Name that most modest of prices, oh captain of the birds.

Opposable Chums    Sep 25, 2009  at  6:24 am

My Pork Chop Aquisition Program will have to wait, I’m afraid, until I am no longer dead broke.

JW    Nov 24, 2009  at  7:13 am

How’s the renovation coming along?

Matt    Jan 11, 2011  at  12:43 pm

Wow! That had to be an incredible feeling. Obviously I have not had any children yet, so I can only imagine. Well, congrats and best wishes for the future….in everything.

Lana Pengar    Oct 02, 2011  at  8:07 pm

Lovely!“Painting a Day” may sound easy and I bet you can do it, I’ve seen a lot of great paintings ‘round here. Keep it up!

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