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Dec 28, 2012 16 Comments

The first question out of many a smiling face has been, "What took you so long?"

Punk's Promise. 28" x 44", Oil on Canvas

It seems obvious to everyone else that I should be painting motorcycles. They've defined my life as much as anything. I've ridden many for too many miles, having crossed the country more than a few times. I've broken bones, slain unwitting deer (I was equally clueless), and put up with the admonitions of strangers. I am nothing short of obsessed with them. But I didn't want to paint them. I didn't want to count cylinder fins and deal with so many straight lines and manufactured curves. I didn't believe there was room for me in them. Like so many paintings of mountains, I was convinced that I would diminish them. Wet meat and wilting weeds are more my speed. The small and ignored subjects. But here they are, motorcycles. And, I believe, successfully so. They have been something of a revelation, these two passions combined.

As something new, as something a bit different, we're launching them on a new site with reproductions for sale. With this soft launch, prints are 20% off. Yes, I'm playing the part of the business man.

The site: http://www.oilandpiston.com
On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oilandpiston

Gold, 20" x 24", Oil on Canvas

These are old bikes with stories in them, not pristine examples right off a showroom floor. One of them even runs. Machines, sometimes neglected, that show every bit of use they have endured.

A Little Dream, 30" x 30", Oil on Canvas

The response has surprised me. I expected my fellow obsessed to like them. I didn't expect others to. Suffice it to say that I think I'm on to something here. Time will tell.

There is more to say, and much more being planned (can you picture the show?), but for now please visit:

Is that a hard enough plug? Tell a friend, tell the world.


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