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Dec 12, 2008 17 Comments
My wife is laughing at me right now. I'm staring at my computer with too many thoughts. What does she know? Does she know that abstract and representational work are flavors of the same beverage? Does she realize that when DeKooning was throwing paint, he was on the same path once walked by Velazquez? The path may be well worn, but I might need a better machete to clear the brambles (those pesky thoughts) that hang low, snag and pull. I'll ask for a new machete for christmas.

Moth, 15" x 11", Oil on Panel

Red Chop, 7" x 7", Oil on Panel

For all the talk of making paintings, from the larger landscapes to the small still lifes, it is intensely satisfying to see them in someone's home. There's something almost intimate about sharing your personal space with something made with someone else's hands.

Do you have a painting of mine? Please consider sending a photo.

Time is short. I need to go clear some thorny blackberries threatening to swallow an old barn.


Jonathan T    Dec 12, 2008  at  2:59 pm

Please send me a painting and I will hang it and photograph it hung and send you the photo.


scott    Dec 12, 2008  at  3:03 pm

Well with that new contract just signed…

Josh    Dec 12, 2008  at  6:27 pm


scott    Dec 12, 2008  at  8:11 pm

The devil’s name is Josh.

Sadie Valeri    Dec 17, 2008  at  7:51 pm

“Moth” reminds me of A. L. Garcia, very nice edges.

Not gonna comment on the bushwacking…. wink

scott    Dec 17, 2008  at  8:20 pm


Sadie Valeri    Dec 17, 2008  at  8:26 pm

I was thinking of Antonio Lopez Garcia’s Skinned Rabbit, but I just did a search and the images of it I can find online are less white than I recall from seeing in a printed reproduction. I think this is a bad image but you get the idea:


I linked to it in the URL field too, in case that link doesn’t click….

Sadie Valeri    Dec 17, 2008  at  8:39 pm

Hey just FYI, I think your RSS feed is broken or something…. new posts don’t show up in my Reader any more, thus my tardy visit. Haven’t gotten an RSS update since Oct 17.

scott    Dec 17, 2008  at  8:55 pm

Beautiful! I’m not that familiar with his work but what I know I like very much.

I’ve provided a clearer link to the RSS feed(top of the page and also on the subscribe page). I couldn’t provide the same link as I had previously used.

Sadie Valeri    Dec 17, 2008  at  10:07 pm

I’ve only seen a book of his work but I would love to see them person.

Thanks for the RSS link, I’ve re-subscribed.

Sadie Valeri    Dec 18, 2008  at  9:05 am

I was thinking maybe you should ask your wife about abstraction after all. As a classical musician, does she consider the dissonant composers like Schomberg to be a break from the past or an evolution of expression? Does she play with dissonance? Does she feel the explorations of modern music have had an effect on how classical music is performed or appreciated?

scott    Dec 18, 2008  at  11:47 am

Right now she’s staring at snow.

She says it’s both: each step in evolution is a break from the past. Evolution can’t happen if people don’t take on new ideas. But it all overlaps, is blurred, blended and full of transitions. We put music and art in categories. There are lines to be drawn, but from category to category the transition is often subtle. Some consider Beethoven “classical” and some “romantic”. And then we’ve got different areas of the world and their different influences and its all a big mess.

(Dissonance was creeping into music for centuries. Bach was a big user of a form of it.)

Scott: The differences are more akin to the differences in species. At some point whales, within their evolutionary line, returned to the sea. We can draw that hard line between land and water. But the bulk of their anatomy is still the same as ours and we can look through their history to see where they lived both on land and in water, and can see species today that do both. That doesn’t mean different species don’t exist or are arbitrary, but that there’s far more in common than is distinct.

Sadie Valeri    Jan 28, 2009  at  5:11 pm

Sorry I didn’t come back, I never saw your response, I guess I didn’t get the email smile

Please thank your wife for her contribution to the discussion. I still think what Schomberg created is unlisten-able and nothing at all to do with anything Bach did smile

Anyway, whether you agree there is a hard line or not, I do think it’s fascinating to explore what was going on historically when music went dissonant, painting went non-objective, writing went non-narrative, and dance broke form, all at the same moment in time pretty much; and how we deal with all of that as postmodern era artists.

Marine Supplies    Sep 01, 2009  at  7:35 am

Great Painting.. Very realistic.

Charlotte Roofing Contractor    Jun 01, 2010  at  11:58 am

I really like the Red Chop, it looks good enough to eat
As a painter myself, I can appreciate your style.
I have a friend who is a top South African painter
Craig Bone, he taught me the importance of painting realism with a minimal amount of brush strokes, it looks like you have mastered that.
Keep up the good work.

Fox    Jul 02, 2010  at  5:27 am

Sorry to hear that your wife is laughing at you right now, but I liked your post so you can laugh at her.






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