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Mar 30, 2009 15 Comments
I dream of painting figures dancing with goblins and wolves. And so paint barns instead. Landscapes, like still lives, are easy to mock but I love them both. Fueled by a vacation to sunny and warm Seattle, with another deadline looming, I painted hill, grass, tree and building.

Island, 48" x 36", Oil on Canvas

Sinking, 24" x 24", Oil on Canvas

Amity, 40" x 30", Oil on Canvas

(the photos aren't great - I blame the rain)

There's more than subject to pull pieces together. Colors linger on the palette from painting to painting. The right one is cinnamon or salt, the cornerstone ingredient in a great recipe. Unlike them, these are yours to make and find. Some days or years, it's a particular blue - a blend of pthalo blue and cobalt blue. Others it's a murky gray - some umber, ultramarine, and cadmium orange. But as a boy, I should never use a color bordering on pink sorbet.

But I still dream of those dancing figures. While on our vacation, we visited the Seattle Art Museum. It reinforced and focused some ideas that have been rattling around my head for too long. Can you bring together the power of DeKooning with the elegance and tradition of traditional representation and build the kind of narrative and lyrical images of native northwest work... I have my doubts, but I can see it. It's as though I'm hungry for a particular dish, a different blend of ingredients, maybe something tangy and maybe even funny.


Martin    Mar 30, 2009  at  4:57 pm

Bob Ross uses pthalo blue!

scott    Mar 30, 2009  at  6:05 pm

And a hair pick too.

andrew wachs    Mar 30, 2009  at  7:28 pm

Lipstick launch.

Got your message, I’ll send that pc. tuesday am.

juan    Mar 30, 2009  at  9:11 pm

an ancient saying goes, when muddy waters clear, fish appear.

scott    Mar 30, 2009  at  9:26 pm

walking fish, I hope

JW    Mar 31, 2009  at  5:44 am


Ed    Apr 06, 2009  at  8:17 pm


A painting even I can understand.  Love the new work, although I liked the hammer paintings too.

Do you paint windmills too?

Theresa Rankin    Apr 13, 2009  at  11:36 am

I love the island painting…and the ancient creature or ? has fantastic paint….sinking is very clever and makes me keep going back to see if it has risen or disappeared…hope you find the walking fish…

Clint    Aug 03, 2009  at  6:50 am

only a little mind knows that it is lacking-

Stay focused- dreams are not always best for painting.


Though its clear you may be getting frustrated, It is giving you anxiety, that you will not be able to perform, you fear loosing your charms and success’ this can’t leave permanently. You are the goblin master. wolves look to goblins as dogs look to children, other Dancers do not see the ones who are not dancing. Take back what you know is yours. Make your self seen heard as though you were invisible. Count your self among the dancers.

You may need to take a break. Inspiration cannot grow indefinitely. Like a ni-cad battery you need to discharge every once in a while.


only a little mind knows that it is lacking-

Clint    Aug 03, 2009  at  6:56 am

Artists like antony lopez Garcia and Seargent were not tortured- be capable and honest. oh and let the wild things roam. raspberry

JW    Aug 22, 2009  at  7:24 pm

this thing on?

scott    Aug 22, 2009  at  8:58 pm


Clint    Aug 22, 2009  at  9:01 pm

yes, no me has oído?

El viaje quedo en proyecto, esto no puede o no va a quedar asi! tu pena; no esto arar, Yo no pagaría por tal muestra. Aislamiento ser muy abburido, tener exito, no es facil-

Clint    Aug 22, 2009  at  9:12 pm

es un gran condicionante, deberías guardar respeto a tus mayores, para usted pudo más tu timidez para ti


Lei Lani Sanders    Dec 26, 2009  at  1:59 pm

Island reminds me of the farms ad landscape out here in Iowa. It is a very comforting paintig for me. I am moving back to Sin City in 2010 .






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