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Feb 01, 2008 9 Comments
With another inspection passed, it was time for the fun stuff - electrical. Fun may seem a stretch, but running electrical uses the same bits of your brain that you used as a child with your lincoln logs and erector sets. Foolish me forgot that this was yet another place to make more decisions, learn more stuff, and stare at the options for hours. Throw in the inspector wrench, and it took a few rounds of revision.

But it's in and it's on.

Upwards of 600 feet of wire run through the walls of the little building. Placing the outlets was easy. Sorting out the lighting, on the other hand, was a chore. After going a bit more bald, I settled on recessed lights in the garage area, track lights under the 'beams', and lights on top of the 'beams'.

As we hooked up the lights, it seemed like an overwhelming number of fixtures for the space. Just as the number of outlets in the studio dwarfs the number in our house, there are far more lights. But then we turned them on. Perfection. I've got enough control with three dimmers controlling four tracks with ten lights total that I can make the space what I need.

With four different bulbs to try, I ran inside, grabbed an easel and a painting to see how they looked. When the switch was flipped, I nearly wept.

Lighting is the bane of the painter's existence. It's never simple. We resort to clip lights hung from nails and screws, lamps strapped to easels, moving the easels and paintings around to find that perfect spot with enough light, the right light, and not too much. None of it quite works as well as hoped. When I saw that painting glowing under those lights, I knew I'd done it right. Educated guessing can be a good thing.

I don't know if you can understand what this means for me, to see this light in this space.

Tomorrow, insulation arrives. Monday, a friend with skills and drywall arrives. Within the week, with the interior finished, I'll be moving in.Â


derk daring    Feb 01, 2008  at  8:58 pm

gorgeoso. enjoy!

mugsy    Feb 01, 2008  at  10:17 pm

not so fast hon…I’LL be moving in!

Michael    Feb 01, 2008  at  10:41 pm

Nice shot of the electrical box!

It looks like it will be a close race to the finish between your studio and my basement smile

wachs    Feb 02, 2008  at  12:02 am

I understand. Well done, continue.

Sadie Valeri    Feb 02, 2008  at  12:52 am

I know that weeping, I felt the same with mine.

congrats, I’m so happy for you smile))

And wow that space & light is GORGEOUS.


scott    Feb 02, 2008  at  9:08 pm

Thank you!
There’s been a glitch in the great plan. The insulation, special ordered, that was to arrive today isn’t arriving until Tuesday - and that isn’t guaranteed. Repeat after me: Home Depot is the devil.

Jessica    Feb 04, 2008  at  10:15 am

What an amazing accomplishment!  I am so very impressed and I am hoping you have some serious celebrating planned.

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