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Nov 26, 2006 2 Comments
I opened the creased cardboard box. What had he sent me? Inside were five camera batteries, a small framed cracked photo of the madonna, and in the corner an insulated package. If Tom has been generous enough to send five expensive batteries, what could be wrapped up so safely I wondered. After hanging the madonna behind the clock, I unwrapped the package. Inside were two delicate bundles of soil and roots no larger than the pit of a peach. I studied them. Tender fine white roots with fine hair wrapped through and clung to moist soil. Tiny shiny ants and shinier beetles crawled in an out amongst the tendrils and clumps of dark earth. Each bundle radiated warmth and I knew what to do.

The next morning I opened the front door. Inside pots I'd hung from the ceiling of the porch, the little bundles had exploded with growth. Leaves of every shape and size and species thrust out and hung green and moist and healthy. From the one bundle, the growth was soft and lush. A single pink and blue flower hung with the limp ease of a geranium. From the other, the growth was firm and woody. I recognized oak, maple, poplar, cherry, tulip, and beech leaves. At the end of a single branch reaching out, at the end of a slender green stem, hung a single pair of maple seeds. They were small and light. Their wings shimmering in the morning sun and as delicate as those of a dragonfly. A cool breeze spun them, pivoting and twisting as no seeds on a stem could.

Reaching up, I cupped the two seeds and thought of pulling them free. I smiled and stifled a charlie brown dance. Tom was brilliant. This is where I should turn my eye. In these two magical plants I would find inspiration. Their beauty was unmistakable and they were right here as I needed them. With a tilt to my head and a squint to my eye, I began paintings and drawings in my mind - the threading of veins, the swell of the seed, the tight junction where the two siblings held tight. So wrapped up in the possibilities of my great discovery, I didn't notice the first shiny blackness on my hand. But I did notice the bite and sting.

Down the branch and stem I had been touching and holding, ants and beetles and spiders and centipedes had crawled. One beetle, a stag beetle in miniature with mandibles like the rack of a old deer buck, had pierced the skin on the back of my hand with a mighty bite. A lone ant had landed one ferocious sting. Both wounds were swelling and bleeding. As I danced in pain, holding the one hand and telling the bugs about the sexual habits of their mothers, most of the small black creatures returned to the heart of their world. Remaining behind, a regiment of spiders stood on their back legs, waved their arms, and showed me the wetness of their toxic bite. Behind them, ants patrolled. The message was clear: stay away. I stepped back and rubbed my wounds.

Another cool breeze blew. The seeds spun and spun, light glinting off gossamer wings. I stood and stared, captivated but wary. Another breeze. More dashes of light. More seeds were spinning. I looked out past the white railing of the porch. These seeds were hanging from a wide yawning maple. Beyond the polished planks where I stood was a forest of trees standing tall over a blanket of flowers. I heard the thud of chestnuts and acorns. The sunlight pierced by the calls of horny birds. An old man rustled a paper, air moved through fluttering leaves.

A brush was in my hand. Tom was brilliant.


The dream was found this morning in those 9 precious minutes given by the snooze button on the alarm clock.


Atlanta DUI Lawyer    Feb 03, 2011  at  9:20 pm

Well now we know what’s on your mind. Gardening perhaps? How funny that you went into a deep enough sleep in that short time to have such a dream. I do the same thing. And because we are so abruptly re awakened from sleep we can remember our dreams. Batteries? Funny.

superiorpaper    May 19, 2017  at  2:21 am

Everybody has got so many dreams while sleeping. I have also got so many dreams and I don’t remember those dreams. Most of dreams are happened just because of our thoghts.






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