May 23, 2007 6 Comments
Beyond pigment and perception, there's more to making a painting than putting brush to canvas. To work, you need time and you need space. I posted previously about the plans for the studio and the wrestling with the city's permit office. Some changes have been made to those plans but, to cut to the chase, I have my permits. Work has begun.Part 1 of the the much condensed tale (who doesn't like a good construction story?):

A few weeks ago, a hungry beast ate an old slab.

Leaving a fresh wound in our modest yard.

After repeated careful staking and re-staking, some younger backs than mine went to work, digging the trenches for the building's foundation. A neighbor asked who I was burying. "My feet," I replied.

'Concrete Dave' found some time in his schedule and started his piece of the work late last week. He set up rebar and I put in place plumbing lines and conduit.

After yet another hiccup with the permit office, a massive truck arrived.

We wondered with a gasp and wince whether or not it would clear the eaves of the house.

Dave, a man built for wielding a broad sword in another century, made quick progress with a little help from myself and a neighbor.

As of yesterday afternoon, we have footings.

As of today, the forms for the stem wall, which will rise some 9 inches above grade, are nearly complete. The forms are giving a real sense of the scale of the modest structure. They will be poured Friday. The slab will follow early next week.

I am, to put it mildly, excited about this building. I find myself grabbing near strangers and babbling at them about "my footings!" If things go as planned, we will have a dry structure, sans trim and siding and other not so minor details, sometime next month.


Sadie    May 23, 2007  at  10:48 pm

Yay! So fun to see it beginning to take shape! Puts my little footings-less art shed to shame, I’m gonna come up to your town & paint with you smile

derek    May 23, 2007  at  11:03 pm

I can see the future paintings already and they look REAL good. The writing starts to sag though.

Or maybe not.  wink

wachs    May 24, 2007  at  4:51 pm

excellent - I know the feeling.

Bob_M    May 25, 2007  at  7:30 pm

Put down your hammer the weekend of June 17th and go to the Chief Joseph Rally.  I’ll buy you a pop.

real estate    Apr 14, 2011  at  12:11 pm

I can just picture you taking these pictures, even though it has been a while since it happened. After planning your real estate project and having to wait for the permits, it would have been very exciting to finally see the ground being broken.  Seeing the foundation being poured would have given you the assurance that your dream of a studio was coming to fruition.






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