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It’s rare that I’m excited about a new year. Each ticking day, after all, is a step towards the finish line and I have yet to build that time machine that will let me fix the mistakes of yesterday and the mistakes I’m making right now (grammar among being them). But this year I am fired up by this annual winter baptism. It’s a new year that holds great promise. I may have said this all before.

Professionally, the cylinders are firing. I was invited to send a few pieces to the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia for their December show (up through January 21st), and sales at the gallery have been strong. I finally set up a page for the sale of limited edition prints and I have more people asking for more work. In the studio in front of the easel is the usual battle, but that’s how it should be and the paintings reflect it. In other words, things are going well. Some of that is that our life is continuing to sort itself out and some, as I’ve spoken of before, is the evolving game of expectations.

Sometimes, as I’ve detailed before, the antidote is a shifting of scale and effort.

Just a Wrench, 6 3/8" x 12", Oil on Panel

Little Tomato 2, 6” x 5”, Oil on Panel, Principle Gallery

Ornament, 7” x 6”, Oil on Panel, Principle Gallery ~ sold

On a more personal note, it’s been a complicated month of both joy and pain. Today, Jane, our adorable daughter, turned four. FOUR! It staggers and humbles me that this creature, both impossibly fragile and made of iron, is in our life. “In” is a conceit. She is the hill upon which we now build. I could tell you about her tough road and her challenges, but let’s stop and consider what she has accomplished. She is alive, she is thriving, and when asked what she wanted for her birthday dinner the answer was a quick and certain, “cheza!” (pizza). I think we’ll keep her.

Jane is the bookend to a difficult month. Two friends have passed away since Thanksgiving. One, the sister of my wife’s best friend. The other, our good friend Elias. Both were born with complicated hearts, as was our daughter. And their challenged hearts failed. The sorrow colors the days, but it is also, as these things are, a reminder to live for today and for tomorrow. I was honored to speak at Elias’s service and what I struggled to say can be found here. If you’d like to contribute a few dollars to help Elias’s family, please visit the fundraising page.

After a month of storm and introspection, the work of the new year is underway. It is, in this drizzly neighborhood, a time to look towards the coming spring. Thank you to everyone for your continued support. I hope you have as good a new year as I will. Jane suggests that we all keep looking up.


p.s. Did I mention the sale of prints?


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