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Sep 04, 2008 6 Comments
I'm very pleased to write that I've been invited to join in the opening exhibit of a new gallery, Bend Independent Contemporary Art, in Bend, OR. Bend is a fast growing community on the east side of the Cascades that's becoming an arts center, sort of Oregon's take on Taos, attracting boomers and more from California and beyond. This new gallery is a promising opportunity and, more importantly, the people putting it together are good people and are trying to do it right.

I'll have a handful of paintings from still lifes to landscapes on display through the end of October. Included will be this new landscape:

Oregon Landscape 2, Oil on Canvas, 36" x 36"

And perhaps for my vegan friends, this still life painted last night (I'll take a better photo at some point).

Drum Stick 2, Oil on Panel, 8" x 8"

I could spend a year painting nothing but meat. Marbled. Moist. Weighty Meat. But however positive the response has been, I have to wonder how many people would buy and hang a painting of a slab of meat in their house. How many might instinctively reach for the soap and bleach at the sight of a raw drum stick.


On a side note, I've been asked by some to provide more details about how I make the paintings. I'm debating between creating a separate blog that deals more directly with the stuff, the mechanics of painting and posting it here. Do you really want to know that I prefer Ivory black to Mars black? Any feedback on this would be appreciated.

It's now time for my chocolate milk and afternoon nap.


Joe Calabresi    Sep 04, 2008  at  7:42 pm


Carolyn Taylor    Sep 06, 2008  at  10:57 am

Yes, Sweetie,

We want to know about your methods and (gasp), what’s on your palette!  Artists have enquiring minds and want to know.  On the other hand, we don’t care about what goes on with Britney Spears’s sister.  You like boxers or briefs? You can leave that part out.

I love that bluish light on the top of the drumstick where the raw, pink meat peeks out from under the skin.  Only acute observation gets that—no photo could catch that like you did. It speaks of truth.  Truth goes even better with chicken than rosemary.

Jackie McIntyre    Sep 07, 2008  at  11:14 am

Well to put my two cents in regarding questions about how you paint.  Several other bloggers I have read will just put a side note of FAQ, rather then do a seperate blog.  You can check out the http://dailypaintworks.com/ and see how Karen Jurick and Carole Marine do the FAQ. 

I first saw your art in the Guardino Gallery on Alberta St. and besides really liking your work I also liked the way you framed the small pieces; that’s something perhaps you could pass along.

shop for art    Feb 05, 2009  at  10:44 am

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Joshua Acai    Aug 08, 2009  at  11:52 am

The meat paintings are beautiful, but you are right - I don’t see many people hanging them above the fireplace.

vijay    Oct 15, 2009  at  6:22 am

Great looking arts, I am a big fan of contemporary Arts






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