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Nov 23, 2017 90 Comments
An interview for the Newington-Cropsey Cultural Studies Center. I may have been a little excited about Wyeth and the necessity of making a mess.
link: In the Studio: Scott Conary
Mar 31, 2017 161 Comments
My just published interview on Savvy Painter was, as I mention in the second portion, something of an epiphany. She asked a question I've been asked before, about the role of art in this life as parent of a child with some complicated medical needs, but in this setting it caused me to stop and, eventually, reconsider.

The roster of artists she's spoken with is impressive and I am an honored to...

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Oct 03, 2016 98 Comments
I should finally admit the truth. Facebook, for good or for bad, has taken the place of this blog. That may change in the future, but, for the time being, to follow my work and read my scribbles about process, visit my personal page on facebook. Follow, send a friend request, whatever is appropriate.

Oct 03, 2015 125 Comments
The months have slipped by. Residencies enjoyed, paintings made, life milestones checked off (Jane is in kindergarten!). And now Portland Open Studios is upon us. Most information these days is being shared on facebook at:, but more coming shortly...

Oct 08, 2014 134 Comments

1928 Indian 4, 52" x 42", Oil on Canvas
-work in progress-

A few months back, a friend gave me a tour of some old machines in Wichita. Amongst them was this amazing bike, restored by a friend of his. The painting is very much a work in progress, but the bones are there.

This painting and more can be seen in the next two weekends as part of Portland Open Studios. My studio, along with those...

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Aug 06, 2014 60 Comments
As my eyes came upon the worn door on the heavy old house, I saw the painting in my head. I saw generations of hands turning a now missing knob and centuries of families and friends passing over its threshold at the rear of the house. And how it sat today as the sharp cut of light and shadow across its etched face highlighted both its resilience and the toll of so many days.

Roberts Door

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Jan 14, 2014 91 Comments
It’s rare that I’m excited about a new year. Each ticking day, after all, is a step towards the finish line and I have yet to build that time machine that will let me fix the mistakes of yesterday and the mistakes I’m making right now (grammar among being them). But this year I am fired up by this annual winter baptism. It’s a new year that holds great promise. I may have said this all...

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Jan 10, 2014 57 Comments
There’s a list in my head at any given moment of the pieces I’d like to finish, the pieces I’d like to start, and, when I dare whisper it to myself, the pieces I wish I was making. As I was sorting through the usual mix of work - some motorcycles, a commissioned landscape, planning out the whale painting (yes, whale!), some pieces to send to a new gallery, etc - there was one other...

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